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Pro Staff

Kevin Posey

I am twenty-eight years old, have a loving wife who allows me to spend unreasonable amounts of time in a tree, a three year old boy (Jack) and a one year old little girl (Arleigh). I am the Operations Manager for Canteen L.C. Vending. I have been fortunate enough to kill many deer, a turkey, and hogs with a bow. My love for hunting and the outdoors started around eight years old when my dad introduced me to hunting.  I was hooked from the very beginning. Eventually I convinced my parents to buy me my first compound bow, even though my dad had never bow hunted.  I lost a lot of arrows but was lucky enough to kill my first deer with a bow at the age of thirteen. It was a five point, scrubby racked buck but I couldn’t have been any more excited if it were a world record.  Exactly one week later I harvested my second buck.  This time it was a basket racked eight and I thought I was Chuck Adams. I quickly found out it doesn’t always come together so easily, but fifteen years later my passion is still chasing whitetails with my PSE X-Force Evo.

Currently I am:
PSE Dealer Advisor
Easton/Beman Dealer Adviser
Lakeside 3D Shooter of the Year
Zone Team (Own the Zone TV)

Tim Fisk

I really do remember my first "hunt" when my Dad and older brother took me rabbit hunting at age 5 in Illinois. My weapon was a corn cob I picked up out of the field to throw at the rabbits! Growing up in an outdoors and hunting family, I expanded my hunting arsenal over the years and finally picked up my first hunting bow in 1977, a Bear Black Bear recurve. I began archery hunting to beat the crowds in the deer woods during firearms season. A love of bow hunting began and I have been actively bow hunting since then. I retired after a career in project management and sales management to spend more time hunting. I am now either hunting, planning a hunt or preparing for a hunt according to my wife, Barbara and daughter, Kelly. While I enjoy hunting all North American species with a variety of weapons, my very first love is bow hunting bull elk during the rut. It is the most fun and most exciting of any hunting! In addition to my hunting, I am active with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, being involved as committee member and chapter chair with the North Alabama Chapter over the past several years. In 2010, I joined up with 2 consummate professionals in Ronnie Kimbrough and Keith Hall to become the third partner in Full Draw Archery. I couldn't ask for a better group of folks to be involved with than Ronnie, Keith and all of the Full Draw Pro Staffers!

Wayne (Mo-Mo) Mullins

I have been on the shooting staff here at FullDraw Archery since April 2010. I was on another shooting staff with Ronnie at a different sporting goods store for about 7 years. I am an avid bowhunter and an avid 3D shooter. I love to deer hunt and bass fish. My other interests include, camping, four wheeling and spending time with my family and friends in the outdoors. I have been married to Lori for 25 years now and we have two beautiful children Eric And Alicia, and a beautiful granddaughter Kelsey Danielle who is 18 months old. Life Is Good.

Currently I am:
Hoyt-Dealer Advisory Staff
Easton/Beman dealer Advisory staff

Amos Taylor

Hoyt-National shooting staff
Tru Glo / Apex shooting staff
Easton/ Beman Advisory Staff

Mitch Feathers
Hoyt-Dealer Advisory Staff
Carbon Express Staff
Carter release Staff

Tony White

Hoyt Dealer Advisory Staff
Easton Staff

Jeff Pearce

PSE Archery National Shooting Staff
Ram Cat Broadheads
Trophy Taker Arrow Rest Staff
Easton/Beman Dealer Advisory Staff
Carter Release Dealer Advisory Staff

Charlie Rogers

xPro Baseball Player Milwaukee Brewers
Easton/Beman Dealer Adviser

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